About Thakurganj

Friday, May 1, 2009


Thakurganj - my native place - my place of birth. I love it.

Geography -
Thakurganj is situated in Bihar, India. It is border of India. Next side is small and beautiful country  Nepal. Yes when I was studying there in Thakurganj, I can remember, we generally used to go to Nepal for shopping with Babuji and Maa.
What’s more - Also Bangladesh border is just 30 KM from Thakurganj.  Darjeeling is 4 hour journey and Bhutan is some 7 hour journey. Isn’t it interesting?

Nearest Towns - 
Siliguri (WB) - 50 KM
Islampur (WB) - 25 KM
Kishanganj (Bihar) - 50 KM
Purnea (Bihar) - 125 KM
Bahadurganj (Bihar) - 42 KM
Araria (Bihar) - 84 KM

Nearest Airport - 

Historical importance and myths -
1. It was named after “Sri Ravindranath Tagore”. (Thakur)
2. It was part of 1yr agyatwas of Pandavs. We can see the place where Pandava’s were cooking (Bhatdhala, Sagdhala). And where Bhim was sleeping (Bhim Takiya).
3. Kichakwadh - A place near Thakurganj, where people celebrate and organise a fair every year.
4. Khirsamunder - Again a place for mela near thakurganj.

Thakurganj map - Thakurganj Image - 

Looking at Thakurganj map, we can see where it is in the map of India. Between Nepal and Bangladesh and parallel to state WB, this place Thakurganj is really beautiful and full of natural beautify.